Walker Edwards, 2015 Vice President

Why did you decide to run?

Walker Edwards said he decided to run again this year because he ran last year and had a good experience. Edwards thinks he can lead the class well and that the people need him.

Did you run last year or at any other time/have you held office previously?

Last year Edwards was the Vice President of the 2015 class.

What’s your campaign strategy? Are you using social media?

Edwards said he has renewed his campaign Facebook page from last year, but he said he is not using it very much. “Mostly I’m using my word-of-mouth system of generating hype surrounding my presidential bid,” he said.

Why should people vote for you? What are your advantages over the other candidates?

Edwards said he is the right man for the job because of his experience in Student Council last year. He said that out of all the candidates, has the most experience in the job. Edwards also said that he has an intricate system of reforms and legislation that is for the greater good of the class and country.
If elected, what three things do you need to achieve to feel you have been successful?

Edwards said he needs to achieve a massive profit of cash money for the school. Edwards said, “How else we gon’ pay for all that food? We need cash money.” Edwards also said he needs to raise school spirit and try to eliminate all the cynicism surrounding dressing up to support the school’s collective character. Edwards also said he wants to create great apparel for the 2015 class that shows of their pride and passion.

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