Swim Team Victim of Woodbury Phone Theft


Phone theft is not limited to the high school. Swimmers who use the Woodbury locker room have also been targeted, and senior Walker Smith reports “three [thefts] in the last month.”

Smith was one of the victims. He said that ever since freshman year, he has left his phone in his unlocked locker, not expecting anything to happen to it. Once it was stolen, Smith talked to Woodbury security but they couldn’t do anything about it.

Junior swimmer Liam McFadden was involved in a similar incident at the beginning of swim season. After a typical two-hour practice, he returned to the locker room to change. “My locker was open, and most of its contents where spread on the floor,” he said. “I immediately felt my jeans’ pockets and found that my phone was missing.”

McFadden said, “It’s kind of worrying that someone is going through the locker rooms of Woodbury looking for stuff to steal.” He now uses a lock on his locker.


A version of this article appeared in print on 15 January 2013, on page 2 of The Shakerite

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