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State Report Card Shows Mixed Results, Struggling Middle School

UPDATE: Read the district’s response to the new report card here.

All Shaker Heights school buildings received a B in performance index on the new Ohio report card, released today at 11 a.m. on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

Before this school year, buildings and districts were rated with words such as “effective” or “continuous improvement.” The new report card, beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, uses letter grades.

It includes letter grades for the number of standards met, the performance index, and the Annual Measurable Objectives grade, also known as gap closing, which takes into account students’ reading and math scores and graduation rate. According to the ODE website, AMO measures student success “regardless of income, race, culture or disability.”

Grades for overall value-added scores and subcategories – gifted value-added, disabled value-added and value-added for the lowest 20 percent of students – were also released. Value-added scores measure students’ improvement over the course of the school year, based on tests given at the beginning and end of that year.

Shaker Middle School performed worst of all the buildings. It earned an F for its overall value-added score, as well as for its disabled value-added score and value-added for the lowest 20 percent score. Two C’s rounded out the middle school’s rating, one for the Annual Measurable Objective and the other for its gifted value-added score. The middle school met three of its five standards, giving it a 60 percent and D in that category.

Middle School Principal Danny Young was not available for comment at the time of publication.

Except for the middle school, all other Shaker schools met 100 percent of standards. Lomond Elementary School received the highest scores: A’s on overall value-added, gifted value-added and disabled value-added, along with B’s on AMO and value-added for the lowest 20 percent. Woodbury Elementary School earned A’s for all value-added categories and an F for AMO.

Onaway Elementary School earned an A for its overall value-added score. In the sub-categories of gifted, disabled and the lowest 20 percent, it received a B and two C’s, respectively. It received an F for AMO. Mercer Elementary School earned C’s in overall value-added and gifted value-added, followed by B’s in disabled value-added, value-added for the lowest 20 percent, and AMO.

While Boulevard Elementary School received a B in AMO, it earned an F in overall value-added, compiled from a D for value-added gifted; a C for disabled; and a B for the lowest 20 percent. Fernway Elementary earned the same grades in the value-added subcategories, but received a B overall, accompanied by a C in AMO. The Shakerite could not reach the ODE for clarification at the time of publication.

The high school received letter grades for its graduation rates, but not value-added scores. For its 83 percent four-year graduation rate, the high school earned a D; its five-year graduation rate, 89.1 percent, earned the building a C. Shaker High received an F for its AMO.

Of the 38 total value-added, AMO and graduation rate grades received by the district’s eight schools, there were 8 A’s, 8 B’s, 12 C’s, 3 D’s and 7 F’s, three of which came from the middle school. Overall, the district received an A in standards met; a B in performance index, a D in overall value-added, with B’s in all the subcategories; and a D in AMO.

See a full breakdown of the grades on the table below.

2012-2013 Report Card


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