Prom Court to Return to Shaker

Assistant Principal Marinise Harris says the tradition will resume this year


A May 1997 prom ‘advice’ article published to The Shakerite while a prom court was still elected

“Yes, it is a popularity contest, just like high school, because that’s what high school’s all about.”

“It” is the election of prom court, king and queen. Twelfth Grade Assistant Principal Marinise Harris announced this during Crew Time today in the Large Auditorium, where seniors had gathered for a senior project meeting. 

According to Harris, five kings and five queens will campaign for the titles. Students will vote for the king and queen during prom May 20 at the Great Lakes Science Center.  Harris said that any student can campaign for either title. 

Harris said that any senior with a 2.0 unweighted GPA or higher, no more than 72 second-semester absent hours and no second-semester suspensions can run for prom court. After campaigning, students will vote for 10 finalists to be a part of the court – five ‘kings’ and five ‘queens.’

Harris will give the 10 court members sashes to wear during prom. Additionally, there will be other contests for “things like cutest shoes, best hair, best bow tie,” she said. 

The senior class Student Council discussed the idea throughout the year but voted against reintroducing it, according to Senior Class Representative Lily Collier. 

Senior Class Secretary Adrik Dutta said that there is a lack of communication between administration and the student body. “Personally, prom court is not that important to me, but the bigger issue is that they consistently asked Student Council for our opinion, and after voting against it numerous times, it was still presented,” he said. 

Dutta said, “If we are the student representation of the school, we need to be respected by the school administrators.”

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