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Narayan Sundararajan, 2015 Secretary

Why did you decide to run?

Narayan Sundararajan said,  “I really like Shaker and I feel like, maybe, running for secretary I could, I guess, help out with the runnings of the school.”

Did you run last year? Have you held office previously?

Sundararajan is currently a representative and ran for vice president as a freshman.

What’s your campaign strategy? Are you using social media?

“Yeah, I’m using social media,” he said, “but judging by last year and this year, people have a negative attitude toward it and this year I’m only using it for announcements.” He said he has been using stickers and posters and “talking to a lot of people about what my goals are and what their suggestions for me are if I’m elected to office. Basically informing them about what I’m doing and asking them for my vote.

Why should people vote for you? What are your advantages over the other candidates?

“I feel like people should vote for me due to the fact that I have experience because I am a Northeast gubernator (communications coordinator) for Ohio Junior Classical League, where I send emails to hundreds of people. I’ve actually gotten people to join from around the state,” he said. Sundararajan said he has experience previously in Student Council. ” I believe that the goals that I have will benefit Student Council the most out of the candidates running,” he said.

If elected, what three things do you need to achieve to feel you have been successful?

“One thing that will make me feel successful is by knowing that communications, not just within, but between Student Council and members of our class is properly achieved. And I would put a suggestions box in the main office where people can put suggestions for what they’d like to see from Student Council, and I can bring the suggestions to meetings,” Sundararajan said. “I plan on keeping minutes and doing things not done in previous years and letting members of Student Council know what upcoming events are coming up and who’s going so we can be more productive even though this year was the most productive year we’ve had. I want to enhance that experience that we as a class experience by enhancing communications between the class and Student Council. I can safely say [because I’ve been on council previously] that we haven’t had as great communications as we could have even though the secretaries before have been absolutely spectacular, but I feel that I can enhance that and make the experience the best it can be.”

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