Music Disrupts Classes as Faulty Announcement System is Fixed

Music played over the announcement system this morning resulted from efforts to fix defective system


Lauren Smith

The microphone formerly used to make school-wide announcements.

Good . . . ing stu . . .  today is . . .  and . . . e have. . .

The public address system wasn’t ready for second semester today.

Assistant Principal Ann Spurrier’s advisory announcement was garbled as the system cut out repeatedly. During first period, the staccato sounds continued as music disrupted instruction.

“We thought that maybe our phones were cutting into the P.A. system. We had no idea what was going on,” said administrative assistant Betsy Murray.

Receptionist Mae Morrical said “We received many calls regarding why there was music playing and each time I said, ‘We’re fixing it.’”

She confirmed that the school was aware of the malfunctioning microphone. The Information and Technology department was fixing the microphone during first period when a button was accidentally pushed, causing the music, used for putting callers on hold, to be played.  

“I was confused as to why the music was playing. It sounded like elevator music. Mr. Schmidt even stopped class called down to the office to ask why it was playing. It caused a disruption to learning,” said senior Olivia Ben-Kiki.

Morrical said the microphone has been fixed. From now on, announcements should be uninterrupted.   

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