Journalism Organizations Praise Shakerite Coverage

The Shakerite broke the news of an alleged rape at the high school in September. Now, the Student Press Law Center and the Poynter Institute have published articles on their websites praising The Shakerite’s coverage of that incident.

The Student Press Law Center gives legal assistance to student journalists nationwide as “an advocate for student First Amendment rights,” according to the organization’s mission statement. The SPLC published its story about The Shakerite’s coverage on Oct. 16, commending Print Editor-in-Chief Shane McKeon and Campus and City Editor John Vodrey for obtaining the police report for the Sept. 10 incident.

“When two high school students walked into their local police station and asked to see a public record, they were given what one of them called ‘the runaround,’ ” SPLC staff writer Samantha Sunne wrote in the article. “But they stuck it through ’til the end, and that end was a scoop that later ended up on TV and radio stations across Cleveland.”

The Poynter Institute learned about The Shakerite’s coverage through the SPLC’s article. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Poynter Institute is a non-profit teaching and research institution and one of America’s leading journalism schools.

Best of SNO, a site dedicated to highlighting content produced on School Newspapers Online websites has featured several stories posted in the newspaper’s ongoing coverage of this incident.

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