“I Intend to Press Charges Against You”

As students continue to pull fire alarms, Juli emphasizes punishments


Brendan Zbanek

Assistant Principal Rebekah Sharpe sits, monitoring the hallways near the second floor fire alarm that was pulled

The high school was placed in a “soft lockdown” following two fire alarm pulls Tuesday Oct. 26 during fifth period.

Following the B lunch period, a student pulled a second floor fire alarm next to the “down” stairs outside of Room 222.

After students and staff re-entered the building, a second fire alarm was pulled. “This is a second pull,” Principal Eric Juli stated in an email sent to staff. 

Teachers were not allowed to give passes to students to leave the classroom for the remainder of the day. “Feel free to tell students this is because students pulled both alarms today,” Juli stated.

Staff members were placed near each fire alarm in the building as monitors to ensure there is not another fire alarm pulled.

In an announcement made after the second re-entry, Juli expressed his intent to press charges on students caught pulling a fire alarm. Juli said over the PA system, “To the students who continue to do this, let’s be perfectly clear so you understand that I intend to press charges against you. Thank you.”

The Shakerite will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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