How To Best Protect Your Phone From Theft

The surest way to keep a phone from being stolen is to not even bring it to school. However, few students are willing to sacrifice their phones for an hour let alone an entire school day.

Head of security Vic Ferrell gave the next best protective in-school measures. “Don’t bring them to class,” he said.  Instead, keep them in a locker. Ferrell said that a phone has never been reported stolen from a student’s school locker.

Ferrell also said never to put a phone down in class. One of the most common places phone theft occurs is in the classroom, usually when students are charging their phones.

However, Ferrell said that the “best way to keep your phone safe is to keep it on you.” English teacher Valerie Doersen had her phone stolen from her bag and she didn’t know until much later in the day.

By following these protective measures, the risk of theft greatly decreases but sometimes theft is unavoidable. A last resort can be the Find My iPhone app, which can track an iPhone to a precise location.

A version of this article appeared in print on 15 January 2013, on page 2 of The Shakerite

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