Davis to Drop AP European History

To make room for teaching Advanced Placement United States History, social studies teacher Sarah Davis will not teach Advanced Placement European History this year.

“I found out right as we [teachers] were leaving for the beginning of summer,” Davis said. “I’m excited about teaching APUSH.”

Cara Gadel, a social studies teacher from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Md., will replace Davis in AP European History.

“[Gadel] has a Master’s [degree] in European history and she’s taught both AP World History and AP Euro recently,” Davis said, adding that Gadel is comfortable with National History Day. “She’s going to be a real addition to our staff.”

While Gadel has no experience with the International Baccalaureate Programme, “AP Euro was actually very easy to move into the IB structure” to begin with, so Davis does not expect Gadel to have difficulties with it.

The Shakerite could not reach Gadel at this time.

“I am a little nervous about someone new teaching the class,” said junior Julia Thome, who will take AP European History during the coming school year. “I had Ms. Davis for Global Studies in ninth grade, so I knew what her class was like, but I’ve never met this teacher. . . . I think I won’t really be completely comfortable until I walk into class on the first day of school.”

Due to personal interest in the material, Davis knows American history well. In the past, she has led study circles for the subject. Now, she looks forward to tackling the class’s revised curriculum framework, as instituted by the College Board, which will take effect in fall 2014.

“APUSH is going through a nationwide transformation,” Davis said. “I find it really challenging, really interesting.”


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