Clara Medalie, 2014 Vice President

Why did you decide to run?

Clara Medalie said, “I have been on Student Council for three years and I wanted to do more.”

Did you run last year? Have you held office previously?

Medalie was a representative during her freshman and sophomore years and was head of communications this year.

What’s your campaign strategy? Are you using social media?

I do not really have one.  Campaigning has never really worked in my favor before.  The speech is what is most important.

Why should people vote for you? What are your advantages over the other candidates?

“I have three years of experience, which is more than my competition,” she said. “I know who to talk to and how to get money.”

If elected, what three things do you need to achieve to feel you have been successful?

Medalie said having a successful prom and raising as much money as possible were important. She also said she would “do something new,” such as create a new fundraiser.

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