Bothered by the Buzz


David Vahey

Maintenance staff place yellowjacket traps, such as the one pictured, around the football field.

Students who eat lunch outdoors and go outside for physical education are attracting attention from stinging insects, whether they are bees, yellowjackets or wasps.

Freshman Rachel Jackson said that she has heard complaints about the bees in the lunchroom since school started.

Freshman Jada Stringer said that bees chase her when she runs track for gym and on the days she decides to eat lunch on the patio.

“When do they plan on fixing the problem?” Stringer said. “I’m tired of running.”

A security guard who works in the cafeteria and did not want to be identified said that the problem reoccurs every spring. He said that in the past, maintenance staff has installed traps to try to catch the yellowjackets, but he was unsure if that practice continues.

High school nurse Paula Damm said that three students have come to her office this fall due to stings from what she believes are wasps.

Principal Eric Juli, who is new to the high school, said that he was unaware of the problem. However, he said he would talk to the head custodian to check out his options.

Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds Sean Brown said the traps are usually placed around the football field every spring.

However, because the traps attract bees, custodians are reluctant to install them on the patio near the cafeteria.

To minimize the problem, Brown said, custodians empty the patio trash cans frequently.

Brown said this yearly problem will lessen as the temperature cools.

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