Allison Kao, 2016 President

Why did you decide to run?

“I really love Shaker and I think it’s really important to have a strong president,” Allison Kao said. “I think I have really good ideas to help raise money for prom.” She also wants to donate something to the school, “like the seniors did with the microwaves in the cafeteria.”

Did you run last year or at any other time? Have you held office previously?

Kao has not previously served on Student Council, “but I have for other extracurriculars,” Kao said. Her extracurriculars include Green Club, Regional Community Service Organizer for the Ohio Junior Classical League and Co-Chair of the Karasik Community Outreach Music Program.

What’s your campaign strategy? Are you using social media?

“I have a Facebook group, I have posters, I have campaign stickers, and I passed out suggestion questions for if I’m elected!” Kao said.

Why should people vote for you? What are your advantages over the other candidates?

“I value hard work and I want to do the best I can for the school,” Kao said, citing her leadership experience and skills in planning meetings and fundraising.

If elected, what three things would you need to achieve to feel you have been successful?

“The biggest thing is fundraising,” Kao said. Some of her ideas include a T-shirt contest and Raider drawstring bags. Additionally, “spirit is a huge thing. I noticed that only, like, two people participated, and I want more people to do it,” she said. “I want to unify our class.”

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