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Movies and TV Mislead, Heighten High School Hopes

Emily Montenegro

November 24

Filed under OPINION

Televisions sit on a throne of lies. Movie theaters show two to three hours of pure deception. Even Netflix -- the neighbor with enough sugar to lend you a cup every day, until death do you part -- is a manipulative host of mistruths. The...

32 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head in the 15 Seconds Before the Next Netflix Episode Begins:

Alexandra Harris, Opinion Editor

November 17

Filed under OPINION

What? No. They can’t just end the episode like that. What about the characters? What about my sanity? Are they okay? What if they died? How can I be expected to go on when valuable characters’ lives are at st...

Day-long Aspire testing leads to bitter feelings, sore eyes

Anabel McGuan, Spotlight Editor

November 6

Filed under OPINION

At first, I was excited to hear that all sophomores would be required to take the ACT Aspire test. We were promised pizza and early dismissal, and the thought of missing a full day of classes without the stress of make-up work...

Year-long ‘Personal Project’ adds to sophomores’ workload

Nora Spadoni, Spotlight Editor

November 5

Filed under OPINION

While utterly pointless in terms of my academic career, Advisory period is a great time for playing on my phone, sleeping or last-minute cramming. This year, I expected much of the same. However, the administration had me (and...

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