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Students listen attentively at a meeting of Environmental Club, after school on Sept. 3.

Working on Access for All

September 3, 2015

Fighting Foils Fireworks for 4th

Jonny Goldenberg, Business Manager

June 6, 2013

Due to violence among spectators, the traditional July 4th fireworks show at Shaker Middle School will not take place this summer. “I was really upset and surprised to hear about it,” sophomore Sarah Marek said. According...

Yet Another Season of Cat Litter and Sand

Kyra Hall, Raider Zone Editor

March 20, 2012

It will be another season wasted. I have been an athlete at the high school for three years, and come fall, it will be my last field hockey season. Unfortunately, I will never get to play on a Shaker turf field because the...

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