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IB Learner Profile Term to Switch

Sara Mesiano, Nora Spadoni, Audie Lorenzo, Staff Reporters

October 29, 2013

Tim Mitchell, Shaker Heights IB Diploma Programme coordinator, confirmed that the IB learner profile term “risk-taker” will be switched to “courageous” for the Shaker Heights School District. However, there has been no change yet ...

Teacher Condemns Jeffries’ Words

Hillary Lacks, Opinion Editor

June 6, 2013

English teacher Aimee Grey said she views everything as a mother and as an educator. She said CEO Jeffries’ comments appall her, and she considers them to be mainstream bullying. “It’s acceptable to want to make a profit,...

Your Teacher Commented. What Message Did you Get?

William Gyurgyik, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2012

­­­When his teacher handed back his English paper, the first comment junior Andrew Rossman read was, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” He hadn’t proven one of the points in his thesis statement. It was supposed...

Conferences No Longer Individualized

Bridget Cook, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2012

After-school conferences, where students can receive personalized help from their teachers, have grown crowded as class sizes have increased. Budget cuts have resulted in loss of teaching positions, especially in the English...

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