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Zachary Nosanchuk, Assignment Managing Editor
Zachary Nosanchuk (‘18) is starting his fourth year with the Shakerite. As Assignment Managing Editor, he serves a second term on the Executive Team and manages all assignments for Shakerite Staff. Last year, he served as Media Managing Editor, a position that serves to manage the Shakerite's video, audio, photo, and social media efforts. He previously was as Lifestyle Editor, covering Snapchat, Shaker Theatre productions, food, and more. In his freshman year, he covered events such as the assembly for John Amaechi, the openly gay pro basketball player, the State of the Schools, and Sankofa. Aside from the Shakerite, Zachary is the regional Programming Vice President for the Northeast Lakes Federation of Temple Youth, a member of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the Student Group On Race Relations (SGORR), and loves to cook.

Zachary Nosanchuk, Assignment Managing Editor

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