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The Editorial Board
The Editorial Board governs Shakerite opinion coverage, writes routine "Rite Idea" editorials, and serves as a guiding force for The Shakerite on controversial coverage. It was elected from and by The Shakerite Staff in September 2019, after speeches and online voting. Ainsley Snyder, a two-term board member and current Executive Managing Editor, was elected Board Chairwoman. The Editorial Board 2017-2018 comprises appointed members Ainsley Snyder (Executive Managing Editor), Mae Nagusky (Editor-in-Chief) and Olivia Warren (Opinion Editor) and elected members Quinn Cutri (Copy Chief), Danielle Krantz (Campus and City Editor), Ana Butze (Spotlight Editor) and Ethan Bloch (Print Managing Editor). Raider Zone Editor Ezra Marks serves as an alternative. With certain editorials, other staff or community members may participate in editorial meetings to provide information that may be useful. The Board's editorials, called "The 'Rite Idea," present the views of the editorial board; however, they may not reflect the opinions of The Shakerite's entire staff. The Editorial Board's Charter is accessible here for the public to view.


Editorial Board, The Shakerite

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