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Alexa Jankowsky, Visuals Managing Editor
Alexa Jankowsky (‘18) is starting her fourth year with The Shakerite. This is her first year as the Visuals Managing Editor after two years of serving as a Raider Zone editor. In her freshman year as a staff reporter, Alexa worked on stories such as a column on a controversial promo video shown by the Cleveland Cavaliers and was part of the group covering the first openly gay basketball player, John Amaechi’s, speech at the high school. During her time as a Raider Zone editor, Alexa covered college athletes challenging campus racism, the impact concussions have on students, as well as investigating the meaning and impact of locker room talk. In addition to the Shakerite, Alexa runs track and cross-country.  

Alexa Jankowsky, Visuals Managing Editor

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