The Shakerite

Superintendent Search Moves Forward

John Vodrey and Maria Slovikovski, Staff Reporters

November 21, 2012

The Shaker Heights School Board held a special meeting regarding the superintendent search Nov. 19. Last week, the board chose the search firm Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates to conduct the search for a new superintendent....

The Shakerite Earns NSPA Best of Show Award

Sarah-Jane Lorenzo and Kyra Hall, Chief Editors

November 19, 2012

The Shakerite earned an eighth-place Best of Show ranking for newspaper tabloids Nov. 17 at the National Scholastic Press Association convention in San Antonio, Texas. The Best of Show competition featured 430 entries this...

Hostess Bankruptcy Could Affect Melt’s Fried Twinkies

Marcia Brown and Shane McKeon, Investigations Editors

November 17, 2012

UPDATE:  Melt Bar and Grilled Owner Matt Fish stated that the restaurant has prepared for the impending Twinkie shortage. "Over the last few days I was able to source roughly a six-month supply of Twinkies for Melt," Fish ...

Ahrens Fills Gap in Student Council Leadership

Abigail Brindza, Staff Reporter

November 5, 2012

Student Council adviser Julia Rossi-Johnson resigned Aug. 30, and social studies teacher Amanda Ahrens took her place. Rossi, who began working in the district in 2007, did not respond to inquiries about her sudden resignation. Ahrens...

Where the Money to Candidates Comes From

Clara Medalie, Campus and City Editor

November 5, 2012

Ever since the passage of Citizens United, a Supreme Court case in 2010, superPACS have been allowed to give unlimited amounts of money to endorse candidates. A political action committee is any organization in the United States...

Mandel and Brown Contend for Vital Seat

Clara Medalie, Campus and City Editor

November 5, 2012

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is running for re-election this year against Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel, a Republican. Widely regarded as the most important Senate race in the country, the outcome of this race will help determine...

How the Next Four Years Could Affect Your Life

Shane Mckeon and Marcia Brown, Investigations Editors

November 5, 2012

In the upcoming elections, more is at stake than just the direction of the country. The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, and Americans have a drastic effect on the health of the planet. This election...

Power Outage Disrupts School

Carter Parry, Staff Reporter

October 15, 2012

A power outage caused by high winds and affecting the high school's front hallways disrupted the start of school Oct. 15. Hallway lights in affected areas were dark and clocks were all stopped at 1:55. Teachers were overheard...

Whether in School or Out, Suspensions Add Up

Allie Harris, Cover Story Editor

October 5, 2012

Despite ­­­talk among community members that there were record suspensions last year, Assistant Principal Sara Joyce and Ohio Department of Education data confirmed that the high school did not see a significantly higher number...

Internet Safety Talk Enforced This Year For Freshmen

Carter Parry, Staff Reporter

October 5, 2012

Freshmen are required by law to hear an Internet safety talk given by librarians during library orientation this year because of the district’s installation of Wi-Fi service. The talk covers basic web safety, such as the...

Third Class is the Charm; IB adds to Curriculum

Shane McKeon, Investigations Editor

October 5, 2012

The high school IB program will introduce new options this year, including new classes and the IB Medallion. The IB Medallion originated at Minneapolis Southwest High School, ranked in the top 100 IB schools worldwide. Seventy-three...

Lack of Time and Seating Pose Problems for Students

Noa Shapiro-Franklin, Staff Reporter

October 5, 2012

Although lunch periods at the high school are longer than the 20-minute government requirement, students in busy lunch periods find they don’t have enough time to eat due to overcrowding of the cafeteria. Asked how long she...

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